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Mobile Cell Phone Video Poker

Play Jacks or Better on your cell phone

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Play video poker for real money on your mobile phone

The most popular video poker game is now able to be played on a cell phone or mobile device. Jacks or better is probably one of the most well know type of video poker found in casinos and gambling. The game is very simple and uses the classic poker rules in order to rank hands. How to play video poker is simple. The player is first dealt 5 cards and is asked to hold the cards that you think will give you the best winnings. After the cards are held, you are dealt new cards to replace the ones you chose not to hold and this is your five card hand that determines your winnings.

The idea behind jacks or better poker is to get a pair of jacks or higher in order to win. The type of hand that you get will decide how much money you can win. In this game, aces are high and you are playing against the house or casino. There is no competition and players get payout on any qualifying hand. So cell phone jacks or better works just the same way as regular casino jacks or better.

Mobile Jacks or Better video poker strategy and payouts

A pair of jacks is the lowest qualifying hand and the player wins 5 coins with this hand or a single pair of anything else. Two pairs gives the player 10 coins, three of a kind pays out 15 coins, a straight pays 20 coins and so on. The higher hands includes a flush, which pays 30 dollars, a full house pays out 45 coins, a four of a kind pays 125 dollars, a straight flush pays out 250 and a royal flush pays out a jackpot of 4000 coins or dollars.

There are different denominations such as one or five dollars for example. A player using $5 coins could win $20000 with a royal flush! Note that these mobile video poker payouts are typically the same as that of regular online casino or land based casino payouts.

cell phone slots, mobile casino

Microgaming cell phone games and video poker

This game uses Microgaming software and technology to ensure that you are getting fair video poker odds and game experience. Even while using a cell phone, your payment details are kept secure and your game play is safe as Microgaming is a very reputable and most well known gaming system on the internet. Also, Microgaming is used for all the other cell phone casino games and mobile slots listed here besides video poker and Jacks or Better.

There is a great benefit of being able to play mobile gambling games. Of course the PC online casino version has a bigger screen and more detailed graphics, the cell phone version has simple game setups and it's easy to learn. Plus you can play these games when you are on the go or as a travel rescue when there is a lot of waiting around with nothing to do. Players can win real money or play free video poker on any mobile devices such as PDA, blackberry and other cellular devices.

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