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Mobile Cell Phone Blackjack 21

Play Cell Phone Blackjack for Real Money!

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Play mobile blackjack now on cell phone casino games

We are pleased to announce that blackjack can now be played on a mobile phone or wireless device. This game uses the classic 21 blackjack rules and uses two regular decks of 52 cards. Some people may know this game as Vegas downtown blackjack and this would be the mobile version of that game.

The objective of the game is simple; you are trying to score a 21 and beat the dealer or make the dealer go bust. If a player gets a 21 on the first two cards dealt, which would be a 10 card and an ace, this would be known as a twenty one "21" blackjack. As always, online Vegas blackjack has more ten cards in the deck as the jacks, queens and kings count as tens as well. Ace cards can count as eleven "11" or one "1" at the same time.

Cell phone blackjack strategy and payouts

The cell phone blackjack version is played using the standard blackjack rules and essentially has the same strategies. The dealer must stand on 17, so if the dealer has a 6 on the showing card, he will most likely get a 16 after the second card and then go bust. This strategy is based on having more tens in the deck than any other card so the odds of getting a 10 are higher than any other card.

Likewise, if the dealer gets an ace, then the chances of the player losing is much greater and the player must realize a strategy for this as well just like in any other online casino or land based casino. The strategy by far is very basic in mobile blackjack.

The payouts are always 1:1 for any win, but dealing a blackjack gives even greater payouts. The classic payout on a 21 blackjack is 3:2 or winning three dollars for every two dollars betted or 150% of your bet. You still get the same casino experience on mobile phone blackjack where players can win real money or else practice or play free blackjack.

Benefits of mobile phone blackjack and online casino

It is always nice when you are on the go, waiting around or having lunch and being able to play casino games on your cell phone. You can basically play anywhere whenever you want. Of course, the benefit of an online casino on your PC is having bigger and more detailed graphics.

Microgaming supports the blackjack software and the rest of the casino games for a fair and safe gaming experience. It also supports other mobile devices besides cellular phone such as PDA, black berry and other wireless devices that can support mobile gambling on a screen. Another benefit: all mobile casino games are also playable online at home on a computer. You can play for the same progressive jackpots and slots on the big screen as well.

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